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Earl Vignobles David Beaulieu

Stepping onto the 15 hectares of land that make up Coutet is more like time travel than tourism, bringing to life the dream of an idyllic past where the land is free of any pesticides, the grapes live harmoniously with fig trees and flowers, the land is tilled by horses and the wines are true expressions of their terroir. The land has never seen pesticide, has been organic since inception, is only worked by horse (!), and is currently being studied by biologists interested in it's unique flora, including Gladiola and roman tulips that have thrived for centuries. There are some advancements of course. Their winemaking is old fashioned and low-intervention, with a mix of new and old barrels dictated by the passing of time and the needs of the vintage. They make wines of real texture and structure, with elegant backbones of tannin upholding complex fruit and floral character, without the over-extracted heaviness of some of the larger houses.