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Showcase of the Best Vintage & Library Wines

Best Vintage & Library Wines
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Quarterly Wine Club
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The CB Reserve Program is a quarterly wine delivery service showcasing the best in vintage and library wines from some of the world’s top wine producers.

The next Edition:

Our next CB Reserve edition features Large Format Barbaresco! 3 giant bottles of fantastic Barbaresco from one of our favourite producers; Pelissero! All three of these bottles are Nebbiolos from Pelissero, all from the banner year of 2016, one of the best in recent memory with a long and even growing season that promises balanced and nuanced wines. Each of these are wonderful in their own right with enough differences to allow for a crazy horizontal tasting if you know enough people to open 9.5 Liters of wine at once!

The Wines:

1 x 5 L bottle of 2016 Tulin Barbaresco:

The largest bottle (5 Litres!) it is the most approachable, a soft and barely oak influenced wine aged for 20 months in older barrels, with velvety texture, perfect for red sauce pasta and grilled meats.

1 x Double Magnum (3 L bottle) of 2016 Nubiola Barbaresco:

This 3L Nubiola is the ripest, a newer blend of very small parcels with the brightest red fruit expression: a perfect after-dinner wine.

1 x Magnum (1.5 L bottle) of 2016 Vanotu Barbaresco:

In the magnum format, we have the Vanotu, the densest, and most ageable of the three wines, a rich and complex expression of Nebbiolo aged for 22 months in mostly new barrels.

Cellering and aging: All of these wines are fantastic now but will cellar happily until 2040!

The Details:

Your package includes 3 huge bottles of wine: 1 x 5 L bottle of 2016 Tulin Barbaresco 1 x Double Magnum (3 L bottle) of 2016

Nubiolo Barbaresco 1 x Magnum (1.5 L bottle) of 2016 Vanotu Barbaresco. Delivery will be November 2021 just in time for the HOLIDAYS!

Each edition of the CB Reserve Program is sold individually. Please click here for an outline of our most current edition. Prices for the Reserve Program range from $800-$1,500 per edition.