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Holiday Butcher Box *GTA ONLY*
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Holiday Butcher Box *GTA ONLY*

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CB Butcher Box: Best-of Holiday Edition

A very special CB Butcher box for the holidays. Throughout the year we have done a few themed releases like our celebration of New York Steak Houses and our comparative Wagyu pack, we have chosen our personal favourites and have paired with three of our favourite big reds from the year: a Barolo, a Brunello and a Bordeaux.

The cuts for this box include a two-pound Tajima Australian Wagyu Chateaubriand, one 38 oz dry aged prime porterhouse steak, one 16 oz bone-in dry aged striploin, 16 slices of European-style dry-cured and double-smoked bacon. We recommend cooking the porterhouse and the striploin in a pan and finishing in the oven, and grilling or pan-cooking the bacon. To cook your chateaubriand we recommend bringing it to room temperature, seasoning with salt and pepper and searing it on all sides in a cast iron skillet while basting with butter before transferring to a wire rack over a pan and roasting at 375 F for 15 minutes (for medium rare), before resting and slicing.

The Meat

1 x 2 lbs. Wagyu Chateaubriand, from NSW Australia, this is the prized center of the tenderloin, from certified Wagyu beef, this is the most luxurious cut of beef there is!

1 x 38 oz Dry-Aged Porterhouse. Dry-aged for 30 days, this is a huge, deeply flavourful cut inspired by the Porterhouse at Peter Luger. Best cooked in a pan, and finished in an oven.

1 x 16 oz Dry-Aged Prime Bone-in Striploin. From Longview, Alberta, this bone-in version of the striploin has a lot more flavour and is better suited to grilling than the boneless version, but would also sing finished with butter in a cast iron pan.

16 x Double Smoked Dry-Cured Bacon Slices. Another of the Peter Luger steakhouse classics, they broil it, but we suggest grilling it to best appreciate how bacon can be an entrée and not just a breakfast side.

Details and Price: Butcher Box

All 4 pieces of meat in this box are individually vacuum packed.

$319.95 (no tax!) including free delivery in the GTA ONLY.

$319.95 (no tax!) including free delivery in the GTA and surrounding areas.
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